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The EcoTraveller ProTreat and 4in1 range are the eco-friendly solution to your portable toilet problems! Active Probiotics are designed to remove the cause of odours and break down waste and toilet paper to ensure a hassle free trip.

ProTreat sachets are a pre-measured sachet loaded with 1.5 Billion pro-active bacteria that will eliminate the cause of bad odours and offensive gasses in the holding tank. The probiotics are also designed to break down the cellulose in normal toilet paper so there is no need to buy expensive quick dissolving rolls any more or to keep used sheets in a bin by the toilet. The 4in1 cleaner is a pro-biotic solution that is used as a bowl cleaner, flush tank rinse, tank cleaner and air freshener. There is no longer a need to buy multiple bottles of chemicals that take up too much space and can’t be dumped in septic tanks. They are 100% septic safe so can be emptied at any dumping point. Best of all, all their products are Australian Made.
G’day Rewards is proud to be partnering with EcoTraveller who are Australia’s #1 probiotic portable toilet solution, designed to help all travellers venture around Australia the eco-friendly way.


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